Goosebumps is heading back to the small screen, as a new live-action TV series based on the popular horror book series is now in the works. Beginning as a series of books for young readers by author R. L. Stine, each installment tells a separate horror story following children placed in scary situations, typically involving monsters and other supernatural phenomena. The franchise has also previously had a TV series adaptation and two theatrical feature films.

The new TV project comes from Neal H. Moritz, who served as a producer on the Goosebumps movies, as part of a collaboration with Sony Pictures Television and Scholastic Entertainment. It's not yet clear how involved Stine will be with the new show.

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"Goosebumps has been keeping kids and families on the edge of their seats for nearly 30 years and we're very excited to partner with Sony Pictures Television and Neal H. Moritz to bring the enduring brand to life in a fresh new way for today's generation," said Scholastic's Iole Lucchese, who's also exec producing the show, in a statement provided to Deadline. "From the world-famous book series to a full-scale licensing program and even live-action movies starring Jack Black, Goosebumps remains wildly popular and we look forward to presenting new adventures to give fans even more Goosebumps."

First published in 1992, the Goosebumps book series first began with a tale called "Welcome to Dead House." With titles like Monster Blood and Say Cheese and Die! soon to follow, it wasn't long before the series became a big hit with young readers. The book series has since sold over 400 million copies across the world, making it the second highest-selling book series of all time following J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels. This popularity would turn Goosebumps into the worldwide phenomenon that continues to be to this day, with the stories branching out from the books into many other mediums.

Between 1995 and 1998, the original Goosebumps television series ran for four seasons, depicting live-action versions of many of the stories told in the printed books. Also a big hit with young viewers at the time, the series was rated as the number one children's television show in America for three years. In 2013, the first live-action movie adaptation of Goosebumps was released with Jack Black starring as R. L. Stine and many of the characters from the books featured in the film. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, the official sequel, would later hit theaters in 2018 with Black back as the legendary author.

For his part, Moritz appears to be very excited to transition from the big screen to the small screen for more Goosebumps endeavors. "I loved making the Goosebumps movies and can't wait to bring even more of R. L. Stine's incredible stories to life through a high-end television series that speaks to both adults and kids alike," Moritz says of the upcoming series. If you're a fan of the live-action movies, it should go without saying here that you'll want to tune in to this new show. This news was first reported by Deadline.