World-famous master chef Gordon Ramsay is doing what he does best on TikTok, verbally destroying aspiring chefs posting videos of their culinary creations on the popular video-sharing app. Of course, we all know Ramsay very well for his abrasive attitude and cruel one-liners as seen on reality competition cooking shows like Master Chef and Kitchen Nightmares. With Ramsay spending a bit more time at home lately like many television stars, he has since joined many other celebrities in getting on TikTok, and the results are incredibly hilarious.

In one particular video, Ramsay observes a woman making what she calls a "traditional" plate of British fish and chips. As the cook shares her recipe and reveals some of the more unusual ingredients, such as adding a lot of sugar and root beer, Ramsay appears to grow more and more disgusted and frustrated with the dish. Still, the most offensive moment seems to come when the fish and chips are placed into a microwave oven, a move that can be seen as the ultimate sin for a master chef like Ramsay. "Are you kidding me?" Ramsay says in astonishment, noting that there's "nothing British" about this fish and chips recipe.

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Several similar videos are featured on Ramsay's TikTok account, as the television star appears to be enjoying himself with the app. Another video presents Ramsay with a cheap workaround for turning inexpensive steak into wagyu. From the very start, Ramsay seems to know that the very idea will end in disaster. With Ramsay watching in horror, the cheap meat is ground and mixed with salt and gelatin before being formed into steak-shaped patties. The next step seems to turn the Master Chef star's stomach, with the amateur cook placing the patties into a bag for them to be boiled. "No, not a bag," Ramsay says with disgust. "Looks like my granddad's colostomy bag."

For his part, Ramsay is keeping his roasts free of swears, making them appropriate for everyone to enjoy. It's not lost on those watching that this must be difficult for Ramsay, with some commenters observing that he seems to be "trying so hard not to swear." Of course, the five-star chef never held back on Master Chef or Kitchen Nightmares, and those who've seen the shows can remember how much bleeping could be heard when the episodes aired on television. Still, even without the swears, Ramsay is still able to exhibit just how grossed out he feels about all of these dishes, particularly with his scoffing and amusing facial expressions.

Ramsay is using the hashtag #Ramseyreacts to provide his commentary for the amateur chefs on TikTok. Fans are able to get involved as well, as he is also asking for anyone else who wants their recipes to be reviewed to submit their videos to him. Although he can sometimes be pretty harsh with his critiques, any aspiring chef should still consider it an honor to be chewed out by Ramsay. You can also follow Gordon Ramsay on TikTok directly to keep up with his videos.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick