Netflix dropped Kevin Spacey's completed Gore Vidal biopic and lost $39 million. The decision also resulted in years of hard work getting thrown away. Gore was to be Spacey's first major starring film role since taking on House of Cards in 2013, but after allegations of sexual assault became public, Netflix decided to sever ties with the actor completely. A month after the allegations came to light, he was fired from House of Cards and it was announced that the streaming giant was ditching the completed Gore film.

The Gore biopic is based off of Jay Parini's biography, Vidal, Empire of Self: A Life of Gore Vidal, which was written over the course of several years with input from Vidal himself. Director Michael Hoffman took a lot of time to develop and craft the film, only to have Netflix scrap it. Simply taking Kevin Spacey out of the film was not an option like it was for Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World. Hoffman would have had to go back and reshoot the entire movie, which would have cost Netflix even more money from its streaming revenue.

At the time Gore was canceled, actor Michael Stuhlbarg said that he and the crew have some hope that the film might come out after a while, giving people a chance "to see it in the light in which it was meant to be seen." Kevin Spacey's actions resulted in a lot of hard work and time being dropped in the process. However, much like Louis C.K.'s I Love You Daddy, the movie will more than likely never see the light of day, or if it does, it will be years from now. In addition, Gore contains scenes depicting sex with young men and prostitutes, which would more than likely not be seen in the best light at this time when looking at Kevin Spacey's sexual assault allegations.

In October 2017, actor Anthony Rapp revealed that Kevin Spacey made an unwanted sexual advance towards him when he was only 14-years old. Spacey tweeted an apology, claiming to have no memory of the situation. Making matters worse, the actor used the occasion to come out as gay, confirming years of rumors, reportedly in an attempt to take away from the accusations. From there, things started to snowball, with multiple men coming forward with similar stories. Spacey's career is pretty much toast at this point, and it doesn't really seem like he'll be able to come back from this.

House of Cards is preparing to launch Season 6 without Kevin Spacey. Robin Wright's Claire Underwood is taking the lead to finish off the series, and early reviews are positive. Spacey's Frank Underwood was killed off, and it looks like the show doesn't skip a beat as it finishes the highly acclaimed series, which was nearly scrapped just like Gore. The cast of the show all found out through the press about what was happening with Spacey and took time before starting filming to sit down and address everything that everybody was feeling. Unlike Gore, House of Cards was able to soldier on without Kevin Spacey. Buzz Feed was the first to reveal Netflix's monetary loss.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick