Rango director Gore Verbinski will executive produce a new Starz pilot titled The Brink, which will be based off J.C. Hutchins' interactive novel entitled Personal Effects: Dark Art.

Stephen Susco wrote the adapted pilot, which centers on an art therapist named Zach Taylor who investigates the case of accused serial killer Martin Grace. The killer claims that he has foreseen the deaths of his victims, but did not commit the murders himself.

The book also branches out into online interactive ventures, where readers can call phone numbers and listen to voicemails of the characters, and also browse real, working web pages from the characters as well.

You can CLICK HERE to visit author J.C. Hutchins' official website for more information on the book. As for the TV series, it isn't clear how interactive the show will be at this time.

Gore Verbinski will executive produce the pilot along with Jonathan Krauss.