Gore Verbinski's Bioshock has been put on indefinite hold until Universal Pictures can figure out a way to get it made at a more reasonable budget. According to Variety, the cost of the film rose above $160 million, and because of that Universal was forced to shut down production on the live-action adaptation of the popular video game and lay off some of the production staff.

The film was gearing up to shoot in Los Angeles soon, but now Verbinski and Universal are looking at alternatives, like shooting in London, as a way to bring down the costs of the high profile project. Verbinski stated, "We were asked by Universal to move the film outside the U.S. to take advantage of a tax credit. We are evaluating whether this is something we want to do. In the meantime, the film is in a holding pattern."

Both Verbinski and Universal are intent on making Bioshock a reality. Verbinski decided not to take on the fourth film in the lucrative Pirates of the Caribbean franchise so that he could make this film instead.