Warner Bros. is pressing on with the DC Extended Universe, bad reviews be damned. Recently, the studio firmed up their plans for the rumored Harley Quinn spinoff, declaring that David Ayer would direct the movie and that it would be called Gotham City Sirens. It also looks like Poison Ivy will be appearing in the movie and if recent rumors turn out to be true, Megan Fox could be playing her. Now we know what that could look like.

Artist BossLogic recently posted a photo to his Twitter account showing his personal vision for what Megan Fox could look like as the famed DC Comics villain. This image of Poison Ivy is apparently one that he did some time ago, but decided to touch it up given the recent rumors. The response from fans online has been very poor in regards to Megan Fox possibly playing the part, but if this art proves anything it is that she could definitely at least pull off the look for the character, which is a pretty big part of it. Here is what BossLogica had to say about it.

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"Lighting Fix - I happen to love @meganfox so I modified my IVY piece to have fun with the rumours :) #GothamCitySirens"

Back in 2014, Megan Fox expressed interest in playing either Poison Ivy or Red Sonja and she is a known comic book fan. Aside from that evidence, Bleeding Cool reported that she has been ordering some DC Comics recently that seem very timely. According to them, she ordered Harley Quinn #14, #17 and #38. The first two issues featured early appearances of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy together and #38 has to do with her relationship with the Gotham City police. Given the recent announcement of Gotham City Sirens, the books do seem oddly timely, so the rumors have been swirling in recent days.

The last time we saw Poison Ivy in a live-action setting was nearly two decades ago when Uma Thurman played her in the much-maligned Batman & Robin. To say that fans hate that movie would be a dramatic understatement, so seeing a new version of Poison Ivy on screen is something that has been a long time coming and Gotham City Sirens seems like a good way to do it. The project came into being because Margot Robbie pretty much willed it into existence. After landing the role of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, she reportedly fell in love with other female DC Comics characters such as Poison Ivy, so she hired a screenwriter on her own to work on the script. Warner Bros. decided to scoop up the project and now the movie is reportedly on the fast track. In order to do that, they are going to need to cast a new Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

Fans, at least for the moment, may not like the idea of Megan Fox as Poison Ivy and her comic book movie track record makes that understandable. She starred in both of the new Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies as well as the failed Jonah Hex. Still, this art may be enough to convince some fans it could work. Be sure to check out BossLogic's take on Megan Fox as Poison Ivy for yourself below.