We're getting a new Harley Quinn movie next month in the form of Birds of Prey, but the other spin-off that was supposed to feature Margot Robbie's fan-favorite character may be dead in the water. At least for the time being. Shortly after Sucide Squad launched to great financial success, Warner Bros. and Robbie, alongside director David Ayer, began developing Gotham City Sirens. However, Ayer has just provided an un-encouraging update on that particular project.

David Ayer recently appeared at the Television Critics Association winter press tour to promote his new show Deputy. At one point, he was asked about the status of Gotham City Sirens, which he had been slated to direct at one point or another. But that was at a time when Warner Bros. was developing DC projects seemingly at random and a lot has changed in the past few years. Here's what Ayer had to say about it.

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"No, I think that's on pause."

Suicide Squad, which was written and directed by David Ayer, was released in August 2016. That was still early days for the DCEU, as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had just come out earlier that year. Both movies were lambasted by critics upon arrival. Be that as it may, Suicide Squad grossed a truly impressive $746 million at the box office. With that, the studio quickly began developing a sequel, as well as several spin-offs. At one point, it was also said that Will Smith's Deadshot might be getting a solo movie, as well as Jared Leto's Joker. Neither of those projects came to pass.

Given the popularity of Harley Quinn, and the star power Margot Robbie brings to the table, several spin-offs centered on her character entered development. One of which was Gotham City Sirens. Few details ever made it to light for this one, but other DC villains such as Poison Ivy and Catwoman may have teamed up with Harley. Birds of Prey, similarly, centers on a female ensemble and, ultimately, that's the project that gained more steam and got the green light. During the time these movies were being developed, Warner Bros. completely shifted strategy with DC Films, following the disappointment of Justice League, and many movies that were in development wound up on the scrap heap. It would seem this is just one of them.

But fear not, DC fans, because there will be no lack of Harley Quinn in the near future with Birds of Prey hitting theaters on February 7. Plus, Margot Robbie will also be reprising the role in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, which has been described as more of a reboot/reinvention of the franchise, as opposed to a sequel to David Ayer's 2016 movie. Ayer, meanwhile, is still developing Bright 2 for Netflix and is also working on a remake of The Dirty Dozen. So he's keeping himself busy as well. This news comes to us via Slash Film.