Although fans of DC's superhero universe are excited about the possible appearance of the Joker in the upcoming series Gotham, it seems that they will be focusing on Robin L. Taylor's Penguin for the foreseeable future. In a recent panel at the Television Critics Association, executive producer Bruno Heller discussed where the first season of the highly anticipated series is headed. Gotham's pilot is schedule to air September 22nd.

Here is what he said about the first season of the show.

"The first year is very much about the rise of the Penguin and his involvement with Fish Mooney. She's a new part of the mythology."

He goes on to talk about Jim Gordon's role in Bruce Wayne's journey to becoming Batman.

"Gordon is the moral linchpin of the show - he's the guy that creates Batman, or gives Batman permission to exist in that world. This is the journey of a man who's very much about law and order to someone who accepts this dark vigilante. The stories will proliferate and the characters will proliferate, but Gordon will remain at the center. [It's a story of] how do you deal with crime of this level when there are no superheroes? When ordinary men and women are dealing with the struggle waiting for a savior. It's about men and women and not about superheroes and that's the more interesting story."

Robin L. Taylor also jokingly commented on where he drew he inspiration for his character.

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"I watched Batman Returns like 500 times.

Actress Camren Bicondova also speaks on her character.

"Selina Kyle doesn't even know she's going to become Catwoman. She just knows she likes cats.