After last night's Gotham, only two more episodes remain in 2015, with the midseason finale Worse Than a Crime airing on Monday, November 30. When the show returns from its holiday hiatus, fans will be introduced to an iconic DC Comics character, Hugo Strange, who will be played by B.D. Wong. Last week, the actor took to his Twitter and Instagram pages to tease his transformation into this iconic character, along with a time-lapse video that shows the makeup process he goes through each day on the set.

Gotham creator Bruno Heller teased back in July 2014, a few months before the series first debuted, that Hugo Strange will make an appearance at some point during the show. The creator/executive producer seemed to tease that the character would first appear in Season 1, since he is connected to the creation of Arkham Asylum. But we won't get to see him until the second half of Season 2. It isn't known if Hugo Strange's connection to Arkham Asylum has changed between then and now, but we'll find out early next year.

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While responding to a fan on his Twitter page, B.D. Wong revealed that he believes Hugo Strange's debut will come on February 29, but he isn't totally sure at this point. The first photo he revealed features several different looks for Hugo Strange, but he added that the producers still aren't sure what look they should go with. The actor added he may not know for sure until "the last minute," while teasing, "This guy is definitely into gas masks and water sports. Be afraid."

B.D. Wong is just the latest of several new cast members to sign on for Gotham Season 2. We have already been introduced to Michael Chiklis' Captain Barnes, James Frain's Theo Galivan, Jessica Lucas' Tabitha Galivan and Raúl Castillo' Eduardo Flamingo. Fans will get their first look at Mr. Freeze, played by Nathan Darrow, in the mid-season finale. Paul Reubens has also come aboard to star as Penguin's (Robin Taylor) father, but it isn't known when he will debut.

Other DC villains such as Clayface and the Mad Hatter will be arriving at some point in Season 2 of Gotham, but these characters have not been cast yet. While we wait for more details on Gotham, take a look at B.D. Wong's Instagram photo and video, along with a tweet where he speculates when Hugo Strange will make his first Gotham appearance. Do you have a favorite look for Hugo Strange based on the photo? Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more on Gotham, which airs Monday nights at 8 PM ET on Fox.