The family that eats fish together, stays together. Or something like that. The Van Dahl brood is about to make a big impact on Gotham. And today, we have a look at the clan gathered together for an inviting family portrait. One that is perfect for hanging over any fireplace mantle.

Gotham Season 2 is notorious for having killed off Oswald Cobblepot's mother, Gertrude Kapelput. Oswald watched as she was dispatched by order of Theo Galavan. Ever since, poor Cobblepot has been without family. But that all changes next week, in the all-new episode Mad Grey Dawn. That's when we'll finally meet Oswald's father, Elijah Van Dahl, played by Paul Reubens.

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It's been two months since we got our first look at ol' Elijah. Now, we see him here standing alongside his long-lost son, welcoming him into the Van Dahl family. But will this be a perfect union, as the portrait promises? Or are there more sinister things afoot for this clan? The photo arrives courtesy of TV Insider.

Oswald and Elijah are seen pictured alongside Elijah's wife Grace (Melinda Clarke), his daughter Sasha (Kaley Ronayne) and his son Charles (Justin Mark). Not only does Elijah have plenty of money, he also has a bank vault worth of secrets. And those are sure to bubble back up into his life with the reemergence of his missing son. And don't let the Van Dahl family fool you. They are each quite unscrupulous in their own ways. Here's how executive producer John Stephens explains it.

"They'll do whatever it takes to keep the family's fortune."

After making a name for himself in Gotham, Oswald has taken a break from his criminal activities. Out of confidment, Cobblepot hopes to stay on a righteous path. But being around this mischievous and scheming family is sure to bring his darker side swimming to the surface. Mad Grey Dawn is actually the second time that Paul Reubens' has played the Penguin's father. He also starred in this role for the 1992 sequel Batman Returns.

In Mad Grey Dawn, Gordon and Bullock investigate a museum robbery. Gordon's role in Galavan's murder could be exposed. Penguin meets his father. And Bruce practices his street smarts. This next all-new episode of Gotham airs Monday, March 21, only on Fox.