Last month, Fox's event series The X-Files took over the Monday 8 PM time slot held by Gotham, which meant that fans would have to wait a bit longer for the DC Comics drama to return. The show will kick off the back half of Season 2 with the midseason premiere on Monday, February 29, which will give us our first look at the iconic comic book villain Hugo Strange, played by B.D. Wong. Today, TV Insider debuted the first official photo of this villainous character (B.D. Wong), who will take over running Arkham Asylum, while Entertainment Weekly has a new promo that features both Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow) in action. Here's what B.D. Wong had to say about his character, teasing he is doing some horrible things at Arkham.

"What [he] is doing in there is indeed very, very bad. Imagine the worst thing someone might do. Then multiply that by 10."
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Back in November, B.D. Wong shared a photo from the Gotham set, which teased his transformation into Hugo Strange, but the photo below is our first official look at the character. This new report also reveals that the Penguin (Robin Taylor) will become the newest resident of Arkham Asylum, and that he changes quite a bit after his first encounter with Hugo Strange. Here's what B.D. Wong had to say about Strange's impact on Penguin.

"He is never the same from the moment he walks through the door."

Gotham creator Bruno Heller teased back in July 2014, a few months before the series first debuted, that Hugo Strange will make an appearance at some point during the show. The creator/executive producer seemed to hint that the character will first appear in Season 1, since he is connected to the creation of Arkham Asylum, but now we'll finally get to see him in the second half of Season 2. It isn't known if Hugo Strange's connection to Arkham Asylum has changed between then and now, but we'll find out in just a few short weeks.

B.D. Wong is just the latest of several new cast members to sign on for Gotham Season 2. We have already been introduced to Michael Chiklis' Captain Barnes, James Frain's Theo Galivan, Jessica Lucas' Tabitha Galivan and Raúl Castillo' Eduardo Flamingo. Fans also got their first look at Mr. Freeze, played by Nathan Darrow, in the mid-season finale, and he will also return in the February 29 midseason premiere, with new footage of this villain seen in the trailer. Paul Reubens has also come aboard to star as Penguin's (Robin Taylor) father, but it isn't known when he will debut.

Since Penguin is being moved to Arkham, it's possible this villainous character could reunite with his father in this insane asylum, but we don't know for sure. While we wait for more details to surface, take a look at this new trailer for your first look at Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze in action, along with this new photo. How do you think these villains will fare against Jim Gordon and the rest of the GCPD? Chime in with your thoughts, and stay tuned for more on Gotham.

Gotham Season 2 Hugo Strange Photo