Just a few weeks after Fox brought their hit series Gotham to Comic-Con, the network has debuted the first two trailers for Season 2. The first trailer, entitled "Hungry," gives us our first look at the villainous Tigress, played by Jessica Lucas, and her brother, billionaire Theo Galivan (James Frain), who is trying to seize control of Gotham City. The second trailer gives us a tantalizing tease of what could end up being the Batcave for young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz).

At the very end of Season 1, Bruce Wayne finally discovers his later father Thomas Wayne's secret, finding a hidden remote unlocks a secret cave underneath Wayne Manor, which was hiding behind the fireplace in his father's study. The second trailer shows both Bruce Wayne and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) descending down the stairs into this cave, where they come upon a door and a keypad. Unfortunately, we don't get to see what's behind this door quite yet, but we'll surely find out when the Gotham Season 2 premiere debuts on Monday, September 21.

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These trailers also give us a brief glimpse at The Joker, played by Cameron Monaghan, who actually "crashed" the show's SDCC panel earlier this month, before he was hauled out of Hall H. The trailers reveal that this season will be entitled Rise of the Villains, and we also get a brief glimpse at the returning Victor Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan). Aside from Victor, the Galivan siblings and the return of the Joker, no new villains have been unveiled yet, but there is still plenty of time before the show returns in just under two months.

Natalie Alyn Lind has also signed on to play Silver St. Cloud, who will be a potential new love interest for young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). Season 1 stars Morena Baccarin (Dr. Leslie Thompkins), Nicholas D'Agosto (Harvey Dent) and Chris Chalk have also been promoted to series regulars in Season 2. Just yesterday, Michael Chiklis signed on to play Captain Nathanial Barnes, who becomes a new mentor and ally to Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie).

Are you excited to see more of the Batcave when Gotham this September? Obviously, the show is several years away from Bruce Wayne becoming Batman, but it will be interesting to see how the series continues to tweak the comic book mythology in Season 2. Check out the new trailers, and let us know what other villains you would like to see pop up on Season 2 of Gotham.