This week's episode of Gotham titled The Blind Fortune Teller promises to be a big one for the series. Not only will it introduce Robin's family The Flying Graysons, it also sets The Joker storyline into play. But is the young man Jim Gordon is interrogating in this latest scene actually the iconic villain?

Meet Jerome, played by Shameless star Cameron Monaghan. His maniacal laugh in last week's teaser trailer tipped off fans that The Joker was heading to Gotham. But a recent interview with creator Bruno Heller teases that this may not actually be Batman's most notorious foe. None the less, fans should play close attention to this new character, as The Joker we all know and love will be introduced on the show soon enough.

In The Blind Fortune Teller, Gordon takes Dr. Leslie Thompkins (guest star Morena Baccarin) to the circus, but the day turns quickly when the circus' star attraction The Flying Graysons come under attack. Then, Falcone enlists Butch Gilzean to help Penguin with the night club, while Fish Mooney is otherwise occupied. Also, Bruce Wayne schedules a meeting with the Wayne Enterprises board. As you can see, big things are happening in DC's darkest city. While you wait for this new episode airing Monday, Feb. 16, take a look as Jerome makes his appearance, interrogated about the death of his 'mother' by Jim Gordon. How long will the mystery behind The Joker's true identity last? Expect it to stretch into next season:

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange