After teasing The Joker in last week's episode, Gotham is introducing another iconic DC Comics character in this week's aptly-titled episode "Red Hood", airing Monday, February 23 at 8 PM ET on Fox. The network has released a new featurette that explores the origins of the Red Hood Gang, which, as Ben McKenzie (James Gordon) explains, will be the first time that a masked villain has been featured on the show. The actor reveals that this story begins with "a group of disorganized bank robbers," one of whom wants to be "celebrated" so he dons a Red Hood.

Donal Logue (Harvey Bullock) continues by saying that this villain thinks his Red Hood is almost like "a protective cloak," that gives him a sort of Robin Hood status. One of the scenes we see in this featurette shows the Red Hood literally throwing out money to people in the streets of Gotham after one of their bank robberies. We even see the Red Hood villain unmasked, as he tells his gang that the people of Gotham will love him, while Ben McKenzie adds this will start a whole new crime wave with people trying to be famous by creating their own criminal alter-egos.

As you may know, in the DC Comics, when the Red Hood was first introduced in 1951, it was later revealed that version of the character was actually the first Joker all along. Even though many assume that Cameron Monaghan's Jerome character from last week's episode is in fact The Joker, series creator Bruno Heller added to the mystery by stating he "might be" The Joker, but he may not. Could it be that the Red Hood will end up being The Joker after all? Chime in with your thoughts, after checking out this new featurette.