After just three episodes, anyone watching Gotham will know that the extensive criminal underworld is truly in charge of this corrupt town, with Fox releasing a new featurette to drive that point home.

John Doman, who plays organized crime leader Carmine Falcone, states that there is plenty of cooperation between the city's underworld, law enforcement and the political system, which is also stressed by series star Ben McKenzie (James Gordon}. Series creator Bruno Heller teases that there is a "split" in the underworld between Falcone and Maroni (David Zayas), which is exploited by Robin Taylor's Oswald Cobblepot, the future Penguin.

What remains to be seen is how young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) will deal with the burgeoning crime wave that is affecting his city, in the aftermath of his parents' murder. The first three episodes have shown Bruce taking an extensive interest in this underworld, but we already know that he likely won't turn into Batman until the very end of the show.

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We also hear from Jada Pinkett Smith and executive producer Geoff Johns in this featurette that includes footage from the first three episodes, which you can check out below. Gotham returns Monday, October 13 at 8 PM ET with "Arkham".