Nicholas D'Agosto has signed on to play the iconic DC Comics character Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two-Face in the new Fox series Gotham. The actor will have a recurring role in Season 1, with an option to be bumped up to series regular in Season 2, if the show is picked up.

Harvey Dent is said to be a bright, charming and idealistic Assistant District Attorney in Gotham City, who is hellbent on destroying all of the criminal elements that have corrupted Gotham to its core. Deadline reports that, while Dent will eventually become "the white knight" that Gotham needs, fans will also get to see aspects of the gruesome villain he will eventually become, Two-Face.

It isn't known when this character will make his debut on the series, or how many episodes he may appear in throughout Season 1. We reported in August that Dexter star David Zayas has signed on to play mobster Salvatore Maroni, who is responsible for Harvey Dent's horrific disfigurement that leads to his Two-Face transformation.

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Nicholas D'Agosto most recently starred in Showtime's Masters of Sex, and he also had a guest-starring arc on Grey's Anatomy last season.

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