The latest installment of DC All Access takes fans behind-the-scenes of the hit Fox series Gotham, and gives us our first look at Nicholas D'Agosto as Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two-Face.

We reported earlier this month that Nicholas D'Agosto will have a recurring role as Harvey Dent, although it isn't known when the character will make his debut, or how many episodes he has signed on for. The actor revealed that the producers and writers are drawing from several different stories for this version of Harvey Dent.

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"I instantly come in and get to walk in as the Harvey Dent that is the white knight, the guy that's trying to do the right thing. I think what's exciting about it is they're pulling from a lot of different story lines from different Batman iterations, so how they want to use me, exactly, is kind of up in the air."

Our report from this month hinted that, while Harvey will be the proverbial "white knight" on the show, fans will also get hints at the anger that hides within him. The actor said that he tapped into his own capacity for anger and jealousy during those scenes.

"As far as accessing who Two-Face is in me, I have the capacity to be a very angry, jealous person, like anybody else does. Maybe friends or family bring it out in us."

He also revealed that Harvey and James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) will form a partnership down the line.

"When you meet Harvey, he's an assistant district attorney. I'm an up and comer. Much like Gordon, the idea is we're going to be partners, that we're willing partners in a world where we're both trying to get something done."

We'll keep you posted about when Harvey Dent may make his debut on Gotham, but take a look at the videos below for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the set.