This new clip from Drafthouse Films' Graceland shows a desperate father realizing that he must do whatever it takes to save his daughter. Arnold Reyes plays Marlon Villar, a lowly chauffeur to a politician who is ambushed in a chaotic attempt to kidnap his boss' daughter. When the plan goes awry, Marlon's own daughter is kidnapped. Take a look at this scene where Marlon speaks with his daughter's abductor in a tense phone conversation. This thriller from director Ron Morales is currently available on VOD formats before its theatrical debut on April 26.

In this tightly-paced, unpredictable thriller, family man Marlon Villar - a longtime chauffeur to corrupt Filipino politician Manuel Chango - faces an unthinkable predicament when he's ambushed while driving both his boss's daughter and his own child home from school. The chaotic kidnapping attempt goes horribly awry and Marlon's daughter is taken for ransom instead. Desperate to save his child, Marlon must navigate the conflicting motives between the ruthless kidnappers, untrustworthy Chango and determined detectives eager to name him a suspect without letting on the wrong girl was taken hostage. As events spin wildly out of control, Marlon, Chango and their families are forced into a rapid downward spiral of deceit and betrayal that will leave no one innocent.