Grandma's Boy has gone animated in a new clip shared online by producer, co-writer, and star Allen Covert. Released in 2006, Grandma's Boy was directed by Nicholas Goossen and written by Covert, Barry Wernick, and Nick Swardson. It follows a video game tester and total pothead (Covert) who moves in with his grandmother (Doris Roberts) after he's evicted from his home. It didn't exactly light the box office on fire when it was released, but it's a movie that has garnered a cult following in the years since.

On Monday, Allen Covert posted a video on his Instagram account featuring the return of his character, Alex. An animated short, the clip is just under two minutes long. Of course, it depicts Alex smoking cannabis alongside his pot dealer, Dante, played by Peter Dante in the movie. Heavily inebriated, the two interact with Dante's new Alexa, even somehow sharing a joint with the electronic device. Moments later, the two are interrupted by actor Willem Dafoe who's apparently come to Dante looking for weed.

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"We got bored during lockdown and did this. Check it out," Covert wrote in the caption. Some fans make it clear in the comments that they want to see this lead to a full-fledged Grandma's Boy animated series. Sadly, the titular grandma would need to have a new voice actress if that were to happen, as Doris Roberts passed away in 2016. Also featured in the original movie alongside Covert, Dante, and Roberts were Linda Cardellini, Shirley Jones, Shirley Knight, Nick Swardson, Kevin Nealon, Jonah Hill, David Spade, and Rob Schneider.

Of how the movie came to be, Covert previously said in a Reddit Q&A: "I had an idea based on having to spend some time in a small condo with my Grandma. Barry Wernick and I did the first couple of drafts and then Swardson came on board. We got Level One to finance it and Fox agreed to distribute. Then we added Dante and a Monkey and everything fell into place."

"I had to stay with my grandma in a small condo for two months once," Covert told another fan, stressing how these real-life events heavily influenced the movie. "She didn't know I had tattoos so I was always hiding them from her. She also watched the Food network and Antiques Roadshow non stop. She would sit real close to the TV and have it at full volume. The meals she fixed were also crazy. Swardy and I will take credit together for all things hilarious."

For better or for worse, there's no indication at this time that there's anything more coming from the Grandma's Boy universe beyond this new animated short released by Covert. It would seem that with various streaming services putting a plethora of upcoming animated programs in the works, now's probably a better time than ever for something like Grandma's Boy: The Animated Series to really happen, but time will tell if it does. The new animated Grandma's Boy short comes to us from Allen Covert on Instagram.