The Good

A well made, funny movie that ain't gonna stop terrorism but you'll have a lot of fun watching it.

The Bad

I wish the menus of the DVD had been organized better. (Come on, I had to think of something!)

How in the world did Grandma's Boy only make $6 million worldwide. How does a film with not much of a plot (it is mainly a movie of comedic moments), is centered on the the "gamer" world and comes from Happy Madison Productions, only make a tenth of a what a typical Adam Sandler movie opens at?

Let me start off by saying that I loved this movie. It was filled with great humor, interesting characters and actually seems to have a heart. This tale of Alex (Allen Covert), a video game tester who is forced to move in with his grandmother and her two friends, features naked girls and guys, lots of pop culture references (that aren't retreads) and it even includes a monkey driving a car! Yet for some reason the very audience that this movie was intended for stayed away.

Granted, this movie had no real stars in it (Covert and his friends are known but they don't have the drawing power of people like Sandler, Rob Schneider and David Spade) but I am just perplexed, because the moment this movie started with it's Galaga credits, it honestly seemed like a slam dunk.


Commentary Tracks

After listening to about 15 minutes of Nicholaus Goosen talk about the movie I switched over to the other track featuring Allen Covert, Nick Swardson and Peter Dante who also happen to basically be the main stars of this movie. These guys generally seem like really cool people. I was expecting them to have a funny, or "cooler than you" attitude but they really gave an enjoyable account of what it was like making this film.

Deleted Scenes

My only bone of contention with this DVD is that it is filled with deleted scenes that aren't disseminated out as "deleted scenes." With titles like "Unsmoked Material," "Smoke This" and "Scenes that Went Up In Smoke," I am trying to figure out why among this they also included a section called "Deleted Scenes"? It could have all been grouped together in one section. Amidst this, there are two very short featurettes that look at the monkey (chimp) in the film, as well as the scene where Allen Covert pulls with himself to a Lara Croft doll.

Fox Movie Channel Presents "Casting Session"

Did this air on Fox? This section looks at all the main characters in the film but it also focuses on the three older ladies who make up the "Grandmas" in the title of this film. While not the most in-depth featurette you will ever see, it was really nice to see that someone like Doris Roberts didn't think she was above being in a movie like this.

Music Video/Making of the Music Video

I am not sure that this video "Another Day" by the Twenty Twos needed to be on this DVD, and furthermore, I surely don't think that the "Making Of" the video had to be on here. However, they are both here, the song isn't that bad, I just don't think it warrants such a high amount of coverage on this DVD.


2.35:1 - Anamorphic. The people doing the production design on this film have given it a very simple feel, yet, because it does take place in the gamer world, it certain has that look as well. However, the folks at Happy Madison aren't going to just leave things at that, so amidst all the "gamer" posters, action figures and games, there is real sardonic wit afoot that when you look for it throughout the film has quite a lofty payoff.


Dolby Digital. English 5.1 Dolby Surround. Spanish and French Dolby Surround. Subtitled in English and Spanish. Close Captioned. There isn't too much happening with the sound but this movie isn't The Lord Of the Rings. It's a comedy that is filled with a lot of site gags and references that some people may or may not get. I didn't notice any audio dropouts or any moments where I felt the sound betrayed the visuals.


My friend pointed out to me that this front cover, which in a thumbnail establishes all the characters of this film, is basically an homage to the front cover of National Lampoon's Animal House. Hey, if you're going to copy you can do a lot worse, right? The back has a bunch of shots from the movie, a description of what Grandma's Boy is about, a lengthy "Special Features" listing, a cast list and technical specs. All in all, solid packaging for a movie that should do quite well on the home video front.

Final Word

So what does this say about the "gamer" audience? They don't just like mindless comedy? They don't just want nonlinear programming? I mean, sure it's great to watch a guy eat crap on a dirt bike for 5 seconds on You Tube or Myspace, but is a feature length movie that only pretends to go somewhere a little too much of an insult?

I think I am just perplexed because Grandma's Boy is a very good movie. I think all the characters are well acted and there are many moments of laugh-out-loud comedy. Is it the best movie I have ever seen? No... but it certainly is a film I look forwarded to seeing again and watching with my friends.

Grandma's Boy was released January 6, 2006.