Will we ever see Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster in another Marvel movie? The actor sure hopes so. And he hopes it can be done under very special circumstances that would bring back another MCU favorite. Thor: Ragnarok introduced a number of new characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and perhaps the most colorful of these newcomers is Goldblum's The Grandmaster. While there is no indication that we could see him again, the actor revealed in a recent interview that there is one particular MCU character he would like to team up with. When asked what other Marvel hero he would like to see The Grandmaster meet, he explained how he'd love to see his character team up with his brother from the Marvel Comics, The Collector, played by Benicio del Toro.

"Oh, that's an interesting idea. Well, I overlapped with one day of Cate Blanchett's shooting and she's so spectacular as Hela. I keep wanting to have scenes with her. We worked together on a Wes Anderson movie awhile ago (The Life Acquatic with Steve Zissou) and I sure would love to do anything with her. But, in the comic books, the character of the Grandmaster is the brother of The Collector, played by Benicio del Toro, who I adore. So I would enjoy doing something with him. That would be fun."
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While the MCU movies often diverge greatly from the Marvel Comics, it was recently confirmed that The Grandmaster is The Collector's brother in the movie universe, which led to many fans wondering whether or not they will ultimately team up at some point down the road. While it's possible that they could appear in Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers 4, there has been no confirmation that they'll team up in either of those movies. When asked about the Thor: Ragnarok deleted scenes on the Blu-ray and DVD, Jeff Goldblum revealed there are a few extra scenes that didn't make the theatrical cut, involving The Grandmaster, along with a new short film directed by Taika Waititi that brings back Daley Pearson as Daryl, Thor's (Chris Hemsworth) former roommate who is now The Grandmaster's roommate.

"There's a bunch of things. There are a couple of extended scenes that I got a kick out of that are on the Blu-ray. There's a scene where I'm telling Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) that our meeting is over. Then I go on and improvise a bunch of stuff with Rachel House, who plays Topez, my assistant. Then there's another scene where I first meet Chris Hemsworth's Thor and there are a lot of bat-like creatures that are pestering us and I get my guys to try and solve that problem. Then there's a whole new short that Taika directed with me and Darryl, who was once a roommate of Thor's and is now a roommate of the Grandmaster."

Barring an appearance in either Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers 4, if this team-up were to happen, it would most likely take place in Phase 4, and as of now, there are only two movies that have been confirmed for Phase 4, Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 on July 5, 2019, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which doesn't have a release date at this time. Since The Collector first debuted in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it would make sense for the character to return here, and since The Grandmaster is not an Earth-bound character, making his home on the planet Sakaar, it would make sense to bring him into this sequel, instead of one of the MCU's Earth-bound adventures. Head over to The Toronto Sun for their full interview with Jeff Goldblum.