The two stars of the Sci-Fi Channel show talk about the new season

Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes both return to the Sci-Fi Channel with their hit show Ghost Hunters. The fourth season of this series will premiere on March 5 at 9 PM ET on the Sci-Fi Channel. I was fortunate enough to be in on a conference call with these paranormal hunters, and here's what they had to say.

I watched the - your episode last night. It was really cool. And I was wondering, now you guys explain the cold spots are because entities draw on energy.

Jason Hawes: Well that's one of the theories, is that an entity is drawing the energy from the air, in return making that area around it colder.

With that being said I was wondering, what's the explanation for them showing up on the thermal imaging as a heat signature?

Jason Hawes: That's actually a good question. The thing is we got the thermal energy camera in hopes to see these cold spots that we've been experiencing and that doesn't - it doesn't work like that. Instead, we are catching these other things that don't really stick in with that theory, so to speak. So it's kind of new ground for us. I mean, just catching what we catch on it.

Grant Wilson: Yeah. A lot of times we're catching things that are giving off a signature. But - and you're able to see it through the thermal but not with the naked eye.

Jason Hawes: Actually in Season Four you're going to see something that fits that theory a little better that we caught on the thermal.

Jason Hawes: So yeah, it's all, you know, learning ground for us. You got to remember that. There's no - it's not really - it's not like there's a scientific field for this so we're pretty much learning each case by case as we've been doing for the last 17 years.

Have you ever actually had the feeling that maybe a ghost or some sort of, you know, paranormal entity followed you home after doing one of these expeditions?

Jason Hawes: The way I look at it is I've got five kids. The least thing they want to do is come to my house. But on a serious note, you know, we've had some people say that they believe things have followed them back. I've never personally experienced it myself. You know, we're not the kind of people out, you know, blessing ourselves with holy water or doing smudges. That's not what we're about. We just feel, you know, your strength comes from inside of you to keep these things away and keep yourself safe.

Grant Wilson: Right, I've never - this is Grant. I've never had that happen either. I've never actually seen it happen. What I have seen is that some people who start investigating them eventually will start to think their house is haunted. And whether that's just because now they're in the field, that they're just kind of going that way and they hear sounds or, you know, it's hard to say something ever has followed you home. I mean, it's not like you can even - you're lucky if you catch a picture of these things, you know, much less identify it well enough to recognize it in a different location.

Has there ever been a particular moment for either one of you where you were ghost hunting and you just got so extremely scared you wanted to stop right then and there?

Grant Wilson: No honestly, we've never had that. Don't get me wrong, you know, some of these places you're in you get an uneasy feeling like you got to look over your shoulder. You'll be startled by things. But, you know what? You were called in by people to investigate this. They called you in as professionals, looking for your help and guidance. If you run out of their house or, you know, you just tell them I can't do this, I got to leave, then those people are stranded. And not just stranded, but now they're even more fearful when the professional that they called in is terrified to be in their house. And now you know what? We're there for them. I don't care how scared you can get at certain times. You've got to keep yourself in a professional manner and try to help out those who need you the most.

What do your families kind of make of your job? And I mean, do they like your line of work? Are your, you know, are your kids into like following in your footsteps or anything like that?

Jason Hawes: Well yeah, my - you know, I've got five kids. I've got three daughters and twin sons. And all my children are highly interested in the paranormal and they would love to follow in my footsteps. You know, but mainly my kids look at me as, you know, their dad's a plumber. Yeah, he investigates the paranormal but my main job is I'm a plumber. So...

Grant Wilson: Yeah, you ask my kids what dad does for a living and they say oh, he's a plumber. But they watch a lot of Scooby-Doo? which is good because, you know, it's always Old Man Jenkins instead of a ghost, you know. So they're good. They investigate. They think my barn's haunted, but I know that it's just the light outside that's reflecting on the window. And I go get it - love to get it out.

Will we see you guys appearing on Ghost Hunters International in the future, do you think?

Jason Hawes: Well you know what? That's up in the air. But we wish them the best of luck over there, overseas. But the main reason Grant and I are not on that is because first off, there's enough cases here in the United States that request our help. And also, we've got families and children. And, you know, being overseas for long lengths of time, it's kind of rough on us. You know what? It's kind of up to Sci-Fi Channel, Pilgrim Films and Grant and I as - to all be in agreement that if we do appear on that show, what point we will appear on that show.

It looks like an awful lot of work, dragging in equipment, the travel, the long nights. What is it that really keeps you guys going every time?

Jason Hawes: Well I think there's a couple different things that keep us going. First off, being able to help those people who need us the most and give them the power to have their home back and their children be able to sleep at night. That right there is, you know, important enough to us. But also the endless possibility that we might be able to catch that one piece of evidence which is the holy grail that we could put out there for the world that, you know, people are just wow, there is something out there.

Grant Wilson: Yeah. I'm motivated mostly by the fact that, you know, everybody seems to have, at one point in their live, had no concept of what was going on around them and they had questions that they needed answered. And it was someone- you know, we all have that feeling of having no one to turn to. And we don't want people to live like that, you know. There's a place they can turn to. We're here for them and each case can present huge answers that can be used on the next case. And slowly you build this tower of knowledge and you get closer to your goal.

Has anyone ever intentionally faked phenomena in order - either just to try to get some airtime with you guys or to see if they could trick you?

Jason Hawes: Absolutely.

Grant Wilson: Of course.

Jason Hawes: We have gotten that, you know, but that - we've been doing this for 17 years and, you know, we go in with a skeptical mindset. We're going in trying to debunk the claims of paranormal activity. We did have one gentleman who built a speaker inside a wall. He would try to make sounds come from that wall. We were able to track the speaker wire up to the wall. We did a restaurant which I don't think we will air. But, you know, the whole place was rigged with fake paranormal activity and Grant and I were able to figure it all out, and find that.

Grant Wilson: We actually fixed a lot of it. So it worked right.

Jason Hawes: Yeah, just as like, you know, just being I guess wise-asses would be the best term to use on that one, you know. But yeah, so you do get that. But that's a rarity, but it does happen. And people always need to keep their eyes open for that.

What's the difference between going in to debunk or going in to prove I guess would be the opposite?

Jason Hawes: First off, anybody can walk into a house and say this place is haunted. Where's the proof to solidify those claims? If you're basing that just on feelings you have, then you're not helping the field. You're setting the field back. If you're going in to try to debunk what's going on and you catch evidence, and you try to debunk that evidence, and you cannot - well that's more substantial evidence that you're able to put out there for the world to see where it's not going to be torn up by the skeptics. It's not going to be torn, you know, it's not going to be that middle ground for, you know - so I think that's the main important thing. Also, if you go into a place believing that it's haunted and going in trying to prove that it's haunted, you're willing to accept any evidence you catch as proof of the place being haunted.

Grant Wilson: Well think about it - I mean, the homeowner already thinks the place is haunted or they wouldn't have called you in. So I mean, you've got to come at it a different angle in order to help the homeowner. You've got come at it from a different angle and that's it.

Why are we fascinated with the paranormal and, you know, and ghosts? And why is it popular?

Jason Hawes: Well see I, you know, I've seen a bunch - some people, of course, get - have their own experience and they want to understand it. But what I'm seeing more and more of is people who just want to know that there's something after this life, that when they pass on they're going somewhere. And I've just seen more and more of those people getting involved in this field.

Grant Wilson: Well, you know, we've been to the depths of the ocean. We've been to the dang moon. You know, what's left? The Earth is all - we know it, you know. And so I think the last frontier is really paranormal and everyone just wants a little bit of mystery in life because science has taken over and they've got answers for everything.

Ghost Hunters' fourth season will premeire on Wednesday March 5 at 9 PM ET on the Sci-Fi Channel