Natalie Portman has been offered the lead role in the new Alfonso Cuarón movie Gravity, according to Risky Business Blog. This news comes just days after we reported that Angelina Jolie had passed on the project for a second time.

Natalie Portman and Sandra Bullock were said to be the two actresses that Warner Bros. were most interested in. Robert Downey Jr. is attached to appear, and while he most certainly could carry the movie, Gravity is centered more around the lead female character.

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Gravity will be set in a space station and feature the female character's quest for survival when debris wipes out the rest of her crew. The site reports that Natalie Portman will read the latest draft of the script this week, and she is expected to make her decision shortly thereafter.

The movie is being shot in 3D with a budget of $80 million. Alfonso Cuarón is directing from a script he co-wrote with his son, Jonás Cuarón. Filming was said to commence in January.