Grease 3: A reader over at Ain't Cool News pulled a scoop about Grease 2 from The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Sydney:

The Daily Telegraph Newspaper here in Sydney says Olivia Newton John and John Travolta "officially" signed on for "Grease 3" this week. However, Newton-John debunked the rumor that Kylie Minogue is playing the daughter - apparently they've decided not to go with Kylie. Good news for Grease fans...its on.

The Matrix 4: The rumor we posted a few days ago about the possibility of a 4th Matrix movie turned out to be false. Seems that the extra scenes that were being filmed were for the Enter The Matrix video game. Thanks to Dark Horizons for clearing it up.

They Fought Alone: According to Empire Online, David Fincher and Bratt Pitt are reteaming, their first project since Fight Club, to create a film called They Fought Alone.

They Fought Alone tells the story of one Wendell Fertig, an American soldier who fought in the Philippines during World War II. After American soldiers are ordered to surrender, Fertig and his men team up with Filipino resistance fighters to prevent the Japanese from taking full control of the region. When Fertig gets a message out about his guerilla actions, the American army is divided between wanting to get behind the rogue team and disowning Fertig for having ignored military orders.

Thanks to DH.

Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban:IC South London reports that the third installment in the Harry Potter franchise will be filming in South London this week:

Last-minute preparations were being made to a set under the railway bridge at Borough Market this week, for one of the scenes from the long-awaited Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is due to be shot next week.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Workmen were putting together a temporary brick doorway leading into premises underneath the bridge to be featured in the final production.

This is the latest in a series of film and television productions to be set in the south London location, which have included Bridget Jones' Diary, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Entrapment, which starred Bafta award winner Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery.

If any of our UK readers happen to somehow get on set, send us a report!

The Wind In The Willows: According to Variety, Blade II director, Guillermo Del Toro has signed to write and direct a live action / CGI version of The Wind In The Willows for Disney with screenwriter Matthew Robbins

The production's budget is expected to be extensive, considering the amount of special effects the project will require. The film's talking animals will likely be computer-generated. Del Toro had been involved with supervising development prior to committing to write and direct.

Superman: As of now, the casting news goes a little something like this: Everyone's out. No one's in. This is exactly why we haven't been too much on this "news". Sorry.

Chicago: You loved the movie, now find out how it was all made. iFILM has released a 30 minute behind the scenes look at the film, all of which you can view online! CLICK HERE

Pirates Of The Caribbean:Access Hollywood recently visited the set of the new pirate film starring Johnny Depp & Orlando Bloom. Here's the scoop:

The principal pirate is none other than Johnny Depp, who gets to wear braids, earrings, braided whiskers and dangling earrings for a really cool pirate's outfit. "It's layers of pirate garb. I got my compass, my baldric, and my sword, " said Depp as he pointed out his costume to our Access Hollywood cameras.

His swashbuckling co-star is Orlando Bloom of The Lord of the Rings movies. "I can't believe how lucky I've been. I've played an elf. I've been a boxer, an outlaw and now a pirate. I'm living like every boy's dream -- it's unbelievable," Bloom told Access.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}And if you're going to turn a pirate theme ride into a movie, then who better to pump up the action than the king of chaotic thrills, producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

"We're going to give you big, expansive, romantic -- all the things that you know I would love to go see when I go see a movie," said Bruckheimer.

From Justin To Kelly: Kelly Clarkson recently spoke to MTV to clear up some rumors about the new American Idol film:

"It's not an 'American Idol' film," the singer explained recently on the set of the movie in Miami. "It has nothing to do with 'American Idol.' The only thing that does is that [our] names are in the title, and our characters in the movie are named that, but my character is nothing like me. ... And it's not about us trying to make it in the business or anything."

For the entire article, CLICK HERE

Tron 2.0: Clint over at Moviehole recently spoke with Harrison Ellenshaw, the visual effects supervisor on the original Tron, about his involvement, if any, with the "newer version" of Tron yet to be released:

"I am aware that a sequel is in the works, but I haven’t yet been contacted about working on it, so I haven’t given the sequel a lot of thought. It would certainly be a challenge, maybe even more so than the original. I don’t know whom Disney is considering. But I’d cast Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner in the film. It’s difficult to imagine anyone else playing those parts. I think they’d do it if the script were right."

Thanks to 'Clint'

I Spy: The team at I Spy need to send you on a rescue mission! Find out what it's all about! CLICK HERE

Buffy (TV): Well TV fans, we don't usually report n the boob tube, but the Buffy series WAS spawned from a movie. For those who don' know, Sarah Michelle Gellar is quitting the show. This is forcing the execs at the studio to cancel the show permanently and start up a spin-off series. In the latest 427099|1%7Esarahmichellegellarwhy,00.html|Entertainment Weekly, Buffy spilled her guts on why NOW is the right time to leave:

"I hope it is the right time. This is so weird. This is like the first time I've really said it. Joss and I always [said] from the beginning, as long as we can give 140 percent, we'd always be doing it. You always worry about being the show that's been on too long -- especially when you're a cult hit. Last year, a lot of people were ready to tear us down. [So when] we started to have such a strong year this year, I thought, ''This is how I want to go out -- on top, at our best.'' I was 18 when I started the show; I'm 26. I'm married. I never see my husband. This has been the longest span of my life in one place. There've been times where that's been difficult -- you want to pick up and go, try other things, live in different places. It feels right, and you have to listen to that. The show, as we know it, is over."

For the entire interview, 427099|1%7Esarahmichellegellarwhy,00.html|CLICK HERE

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