The veil of secrecy behind Sony's upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 continues to be pulled back more and more as we get closer to the May 4 release. We have reported on numerous occasions that Dane DeHaan's Harry Osborn will turn into the Green Goblin, but we haven't gotten a clear look at the Goblin until now, courtesy of a new photo from Total Film. You can clearly see Dane DeHaan's face as the villain does battle with Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) in an industrial factory. Check out the photo, then read on for more details about this highly-anticipated summer adventure.

The Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-man 2

Now that Green Goblin's identity has been completely confirmed, it still leaves many questions lingering. For one, how big of a role will Chris Cooper have as Harry's father Norman Osborn? The actor himself revealed in November that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 serves as merely an introduction to the OsCorp executive, which sets up future appearances in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 or The Amazing Spider-Man 4.

It also still hasn't been confirmed whether or not Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) will survive, since she has been seen wearing the same "death outfit" as in the comic books, where she was killed at the hands of the Green Goblin.

We'll find out answers to these questions and many more when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 4.