Despite the hype leading up to its release this summer, Green Lantern disappeared from the public consciousness quiet quickly. It wasn't necessarily a bomb, making $219 million globally, but it wasn't the hit that Warner Bros. expected, and since it came and went, not much has been said about a sequel.

The Green Lantern Blu-ray and Green Lantern DVD were released this past Friday, just in time for NYCC 2011. It was there that DC Entertainment's Creative Chief Geoff Johns revealed that a sequel could still happen, and that he remains hopeful that it will get made sometime in the neat future.

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This is what he had to say about Green Lantern 2.

"There is the hope that we will eventually see (Green Lantern 2). I hope that the character gets another film, and it will be live-action again - I guarantee."

Geoff Johns hopes that the recent home video release, and the upcoming animated series, will help push toward a sequel to Green Lantern.

"There was a lot of really good stuff in the movie. With the new animated series, Green Lantern is only going to get bigger."