Though it's unclear where the rumor started, it has recently begun to spread that DC and Warner Bros. are considering replacing Hal Jordan with Jessica Cruz in their upcoming Green Lantern (Reboot), with the character being introduced in Justice League Part 1. Michelle Rodriguez is said to be wanted for the part. The actress responded to that news, claiming she wasn't wanted, and went onto make a remark about different ethnicties stealing white superheroes. As you can imagine, her initial statement didn't go over well with some. About taking on the role of Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, she states:

"That's the dumbest thing I ever heard. I think it's so stupid because of this whole minorities in Hollywood thing. It's so stupid. Stop stealing all the white people's superheroes. Make up your own. What's up with that?"
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After realizing that she had offended quite a few people, she sent out an apology on her personal Facebook page. While you can watch the video in the embed below, she says:

"Hey, guys, I want to clarify about my comment yesterday. I stuck my foot in my mouth once again. I said that people should stop trying to steal white people's superheroes. And I guess it got taken out of context. A lot of people got offended, or whatever. But, like, I have a tendency to speak without a filter. Sorry about that. What I really meant was that, ultimately, at the end of the day, there really is the language. The language you speak in Hollywood is successful franchise. I think there are many cultures in Hollywood that are not white that can come up with their own mythology. We all get it from the same reservoir of life. It doesn't matter what culture you come from. I'm just saying instead of trying to turn a girl character into a guy, or trying to turn a white character into a black character, or Latin charcater, people should stop being lazy and make an effort in Hollywood to develop their own mythology. If being American is your mythology, and the American culture is embedded deep into who you are, and what makes you, so be that. I'm saying that the different cultures from around the world that are in Hollywood, who feel like they are the minority, should start making that a serious priority. It's not about taking Catwoman or Superman or Green Lantern and trying to make them fit into whatever cultural background you are. I feel it should be more creative than that. I think people need to stop being lazy, and that's what I meant by that comment. I'm taking it to heart as well. I'm considering this while I'm out there coming up with projects to do. I think its time to stop taking what is already there and try to fit a culture into it. I think its time to write our own story. Every culture."

While you can't really argue with Michelle Rodriguez's thoughts and ideas on this, she obviously doesn't know the background of Jessica Cruz in Green Lantern mythology. She is of Latin decent and not portrayed in the comic books as a white character. She was also a member of the Justice League for a short time, unwillingly chosen by the Ring of Volthoom, after its former bearer, Harold Jordan of Earth 3, was killed by Sinestro.

It has long been thought that in rebooting Green Lantern, DC and Warner Bros. will go with a different human member of the Green Lantern Corp. The popular choice has always been John Stewart, who is African-American in the comic books. This is the first that we've heard about Jessica Cruz being considered. Though, it would make sense due to the recent outcry for more female superhero characters in movies. This would allow a second woman to become a part of Justice League aside from Wonder Woman. What are your thoughts on this? You can check out Michelle Rodriguez's comments here:

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