It looks like the Green Lantern Corps. movie may be closing in on director Christopher McQuarrie. Warner Bros. is in flux right now, in terms of how it's handling the future of the live-action DC movie universe. Justice League disappointed in many ways and that has caused swift change for DC Films. With that, many of the DC projects that are, or were, in development are in doubt. However, it looks like the Green Lantern Corps. movie is still moving forward and, what's more, it looks like Mission: Impossible - Fallout's director may be the one at the helm.

Warner Bros. is reportedly still looking to make Green Lantern Corps., which has been described as a buddy cop movie akin to Lethal Weapon in space. It will feature Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds in the previous, disastrous live-action Green Lantern movie, as well as the John Stewart version of the character. Tyrese Gibson has been campaigning for the part. Now, it's said that Christopher McQuarrie is circling the project, which previously had Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt attached, but he's since moved on.

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Christopher McQuarrie has made quite the name for himself in recent years as a director, working on Jack Reacher and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation with Tom Cruise, in addition to the upcoming Mission: Impossible - Fallout. He's also an Oscar-winning writer for his work on The Usual Suspects, and has also worked on the scripts for movies like Edge of Tomorrow and Valkyrie. There are some duds in there like Jack the Giant Slayer and The Mummy, but overall, he's' got an impressive resume. But another thing that's very clear is that Tom Cruise is a common thread throughout McQuarrie's career, especially in recent years.

There's no evidence that Tom Cruise is currently being eyed to star in Green Lantern Corps., even though we reported that his name was listed among the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal and Bradley Cooper on the studio's early wish list for the movie last year. That said, this new report states that the current draft of the screenplay for the Green Lantern movie will see an older, experienced Hal Jordan (39-50), who meets a younger John Stewart. Cruise is 55 and will be pushing 60 by the time Green Lantern Corps. actually hits theaters, but he's in exceptional shape for his age and it's possible that McQuarrie could help lure him to the project. Though, that's mostly speculation at this point.

Currently, Warner Bros. doesn't have a firm release date for Green Lantern Corps., but they reportedly would still like to see the movie arrive in 2020. They have release dates planted for untitled projects on February 14 and June 5 of that year. The current draft of the screenplay comes from Man of Steel's David S. Goyer, who was reportedly being looked at to direct the project himself at one point. As for Christopher McQuarrie, he doesn't have anything lined up officially after Mission: Impossible -Fallout, so he would, in theory, be free to sign on for this project, should Warner Bros. managed to convince him to take the gig. Odds are, he'll have other offers on the table. This news comes to us courtesy of That Hashtag Show.