What is going on with Green Lantern Corps.? We've heard little about this DC Comics reboot. And for good reason. It is one of the final films in Warner Bros.' current superhero movie line-up. And it won't hit theaters until 2020. But a new piece of concept art shown off at a fan convention may finally have our answer as to who the lead characters will be.

There are many, many Green Lanterns in the DC Comics upon which this particular Justice League spinoff is based. And it has long been rumored that we'll see at least two main characters. Most believe these two will be Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds in the 2011 bomb Green Lantern, and John Stewart, who has never been seen in a live-action feature film. This new art seemingly confirms that we'll get this pairing when the movie finally arrives five years from now.

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Concept art for Green Lantern Corps. was shown off at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego. But it was a blink and you missed it moment that came and went quickly during Warner Bros. and DC's giant Hall H panel. Until now, there has not been a solid description of what was depicted in this brief sneak peek. Now, that same art has been spotted at Professional Cinema Days in Sorrento, Italy.

Warner Bros.' plan has always been to feature at least two human Green Lanterns in their reboot. But nothing has ever been confirmed by the studio. And they were fairly quiet in announcing that it would even be called Green Lantern Corps., a title that hints at multiple lead characters. According to CineFilos, Hal Jordan and John Stewart were the two characters shown as part of the presentation. Here is a translation of what they had to say.

"Hal Jordan and John Stewart will be deployed together in the DC / Warner film. That has become more concrete following the Warner panel during the Professional Days of Cinema in Sorrento. A featurette was shown at the event, of the DC universe in progress and the movies. And among other things, we have seen a concept of the Green Lantern Corps in which stood out clearly these two characters."

Sadly, we do not have a look at the art in question. Way back in January, before SDCC this year, actor Tyrese Gibson shared fan art depicting the actor as John Stewart from the Green Lantern comic books. Ever since then, he has been actively campaigning for the role through his social media platforms, even teasing that he has met with Warner Bros. for the coveted role in Green Lantern Corps. At this time, we haven't heard of anyone confirmed to be in talks for this role.

Lance Gross has also thrown his hat into the ring for this coveted role. But since he started an online campaign in August, we've heard little to nothing on that front. There was also a rumor from June that claimed Chris Pine was in contention to play Hal Jordan, alongside whoever lands the John Stewart role, but that turned out to be false. Chris Pine signed on to play Steve Trevor in another Warner Bros. superhero movie, Wonder Woman. That film is currently filming. What do you think? Are we getting both Hal Jordan and John Stewart in Green Lantern Corps.? As this was official concept art, it seems very likely.