One of the only missing pieces when it comes to the fully-formed Justice League in the DC Extended Universe is an actor to play Green Lantern. The Green Lantern Corps. movie is reportedly going to feature both Hal Jordan and John Stewart in a buddy cop movie, but we need at least one of them to unite the seven. Tyrese Gibson has campaigned on social media pretty hard for the role and, according to him, it might have worked. The actor has had meetings with Warner Bros. about the role, but no decisions have been made yet.

The actor recently spoke with SyFy Wire about the Green Lantern chatter. Tyrese Gibson hasn't been shy about his desire to take on the role, provided the chance, but it has at least gone far enough for Warner Bros. to take a meeting or two with him to discuss the possibility. The ball is in their court, but it may be a bit premature. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"I would love to do it. You know, I had a couple meetings at Warner about it. I just think that they're still trying to figure out what the move is. I would love to officially confirm, but I can't. And if they go in a different direction, I think they know what's best for the movie, but the fans started this campaign, and all I've done is made use of my social media to let folks know I'm interested."

Green Lantern Corps. doesn't even have an official release date yet and no director has been confirmed. So things are in the relatively early stages. David S. Goyer (Man of Steel) and Justin Rhodes (Contract Killers) were hired a while back to write the script, but that's really the last official word we heard about it, though we have heard it called Lethal Weapon in Space. There are also persistent rumors that a member of the Green Lantern Corps. may appear during a "key sequence" in Justice League, but it won't necessarily be John Stewart or Hal Jordan. Assuming it isn't one of them, Warner Bros. won't be pressured to announce casting anytime soon.

As far as Tyrese Gibson goes, he is no stranger to big franchises. He has appeared in both the Transformers and Fast & Furious franchises, so he knows how to make a massive scale movie. Though, he hasn't had to lead one before. Guys like Armie Hammer, Jack Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper and Tom Cruise (Though, after The Mummy and given his age that feels like a long shot) have been rumored for the role of Hal Jordan. If he has someone like that to work with, Gibson could work well in something like Green Lantern Corps.Maybe we'll get some sort of announcement at San Diego Comic-Con next week? Warner Bros. is going to want to make a big impression and announcing at least one of the Green Lantern actors would be one way to do it. Better keep your phone on, Tyrese.

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