Green Lantern is a little less than a month and a half away, and its immense 3D visual effects work is still not completed. Warner Bros. has added $9 million to the film's budget for these missing effects, with the promise that Green Lantern will be delivered on time for its scheduled June 17th bow.

A couple of new VFX houses were brought in for this mad rush to get Green Lantern finished on time and into theaters, looking as awesome as fans hope. Apparently, though, this push to get such complex 3D visuals completed under this intense deadline isn't an isolated problem. We're just hearing about it in terms of Green Lantern, because Warner Bros. isn't trying to hide their hurried pace.

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Apparently, many of this summer's effects-heavy tentpole flicks are hitting the same fence. They have way too many needed effects and not enough time to finish them. Variety reports that many in the visual effects business have been warning Studios about this for some time, and they feel that the first film to miss its theatrical deadline will happen soon. The last time something like this happened was with James Cameron's Titanic, which had its release date pushed forward many times back in 1997.

Its believed that the first VFX-heavy film to miss its deadline will cause a ripple effect that will disrupt the studio system, forcing changes that the studios just aren't prepared to handle at this time.

Paramount's Captain America: The First Avenger and Transformers: Dark of the Moon are two other huge summer movies feeling the heat and pressure of their impending release dates, as the visual effects houses assigned to each property work seven days a week, at twelve hour a day shifts, to complete each movie on time for its premiere.

Today, both Warner Bros. and Paramount claim that there is not a reason to panic. Though they have called in emergency VFX teams. There has not yet been a schedule release change for any big effects driven movie this year.

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