The character John Stewart, who for those unaware takes up the mantle of Green Lantern, has been a staple of the DC universe for years. Despite this, the character has yet to be brought to life in live-action. Several prominent actors, including Fast & Furious star Tyrese Gibson, have put themselves forward for the role, and now Black Dynamite and Arrow actor Michael Jai White has thrown his hat into the ring.

Speaking to fans via social media, Michael Jai White responded to a question put to him regarding which comic book character he would like to play on screen.

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"So, I was asked what character would I like to play from the Marvel or DC universe and that answer would have to be from the DC universe, a character called John Stewart because that's what everybody wants me to play. So, can't let down the fans."

This is far from the first time that Michael Jai White has publicly advocated for the role, with the martial arts star previously saying that he "would gladly welcome the idea" of playing John Stewart. At the tail-end of last year, White even shared a piece of fanart of himself as Stewart and his wife, Gillian White, as Vixen.

White is certainly well-suited for the role of John Stewart, with his extensive background in action movies, superhero-like build, and the fact that he resembles the character all working very much in his favor. White is also no stranger to the comic book movie genre, having previously played the titular character in the 1997 Spawn movie, as well as the role of Gambol in Christopher Nolan's seminal The Dark Knight, and he most recently portrayed Bronze Tiger throughout ten episodes of the CW's Arrow.

Currently, the Green Lantern Corps movie does not have a release date. Still, it remains one of the most highly-anticipated movies on many fans' radar, especially with comic book writer Geoff Johns on board to bring the narrative to life. Johns discussed the movie back in 2018, saying "I want to make sure I write the best script I can possibly write, so I need to go away in a cave and write that script and finish it and then come out and go 'okay' and work with the guys and really make sure we've got the best story to tell and the best way into this character. I think we have a lot of things in it that...people know my run from Green Lantern and so they shouldn't be too surprised by seeing what we bring into it."

While the Green Lantern Corps movie is stuck in limbo, it has been confirmed that HBO Max is moving forward with a Green Lantern live-action TV show. And the show may be replacing the movie altogether. There has been little announced about the TV series, though we know ArrowVerse producer Greg Berlanti is involved. The show will follow two different Green Lanterns, and the main villain in season one is Sinestro. A different version of Green Lantern will also be showing up in DC's Stargirl live-action series at some point.

So far, the only attempt at a Green Lantern movie was back in 2011. Starring Ryan Reynolds as the Emerald Knight, the movie was mauled by critics and has since become a punchline in Reynold's own Deadpool franchise. Green Lantern Introduced audiences to Hal Jordan, a test pilot, who acquires superhuman powers after being chosen by the Ring. However, with the powers comes the responsibility of defeating the evil Parallax who is set on destroying Earth.

There are also rumors that the Green Lantern Corps will have a bigger role in The Snyder Cut, making it ever more likely that Michael Jai White will win his dream comic book movie role. This comes to us from Geek House Show. The topper art comes from @vshen at Deviant Art.