After the 2011 Green Lantern debacle, Warner Bros. made sure to give themselves plenty of time to craft a new Green Lantern Reboot to fit in with its DC Comics movie universe. The do-over was part of the studio's lengthy announcement in October, which mapped out this superhero world until the year 2020, when the new Green Lantern will hit theaters. Green Lantern was the only project in that lineup that didn't have a star attached, but, last weekend, a new contender emerged when Tyrese Gibson started posting artwork depicting himself as John Stewart, which he has continued to do through his Instagram account over the past few days. Today, however, the actor posted a photo of the Warner Bros. lot, with the caption "I don't talk... I move... #GreenLanternMission," hinting he is actually meeting with the studio about playing Green Lantern.

Naturally, it hasn't even been confirmed if this Green Lantern will be John Stewart, and not Hal Jordan, but it would make sense that the studio wants a completely different version of Green Lantern moving forward, so they can continue to put Ryan Reynolds' incarnation in their rear view mirror. While it may seem a bit early to start casting for a movie that won't hit theaters for five years, the entire Justice League, including Green Lantern, are rumored to assemble for the first time at the end of next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will lead into Justice League Part 1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has already wrapped principal photography, but there will likely be reshoots happening at some point this year, when this scene featuring every Justice League member may be shot.

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If Tyrese Gibson's flurry of artwork lands him the Green Lantern role, he certainly won't be the first actor to have use social media in hopes of landing a gig. Channing Tatum mentioned his love of the Gambit several times in interviews before 20th Century Fox actually cast him in his own superhero spin-off, set for release next October, and Jason Momoa also teased his Aquaman role long before he was confirmed by Warner Bros. Do you think Tyrese Gibson should play Green Lantern? Chime in with your thoughts below.