Like it or not, Warner Bros. is moving ahead with their increasingly lofty plans for their DC Extended Universe, which will press forward next with Wonder Woman and Justice League later this year. Now, the studio has made a big leap forward with the Green Lantern reboot by hiring David S. Goyer (Man of Steel) and Justin Rhodes (Contract Killers) to pen the script and get the movie moving in the right direction. There is virtually nothing known about the Green Lantern Corps. movie, but Warcraft director Duncan Jones has some ideas for it.

Duncan Jones is currently filming his latest sci-fi movie Mute, which will debut on Netflix later this year, but he took some time out of his busy schedule to got on a bit of a Twitter rant about the upcoming Green Lantern reboot. Duncan Jones decided to pitch his idea for what a Green Lantern movie should be and actually gives a pretty compelling reason for why it should be the case. Here is what he had to say.

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"Green Lantern should be about a simple-minded jock who has to come up with imaginative, new ideas every time he uses the ring. The limit on the rings power should not be about battery life, but the need to be original every time you use it. Mechanics & stakes of Green Lantern always bugged me. Ring that can do anything & you have a tough time winning fights? Hero, please! The hook in the "dumb jock" version of Green Lantern is that he has the power, but lacks the wits to use it. Endearingly frustrating. Anyway, Im not doing Green Lantern. I think he's dumb. :) Hope someone proves me wrong."

As Duncan Jones points out, any member of the Green Lantern Corps., such as Hal Jordan or John Stewart who have been confirmed to be the members that the new movie will focus on, are granted power from a "Power Ring." Essentially, they are limited by the power of their own imagination. Yes, it is slightly more complicated than that in the world of DC Comics, but that is basically the idea. So, Jones makes an interesting argument in that, it should be relatively easy for any Green Lantern member with some sort of imagination to dispatch enemies. However, should that person not have much of an imagination and only be able to conjure up something once, that would make using the power of the ring infinitely more complex.

Many DC Comics faithful will probably take issue with the fact that Duncan Jones also wasn't shy to voice his distaste with Green Lantern, saying he thinks the character is "dumb," for reasons he made clear. Still, it is fairly easy to see his logic behind it. The director also made it clear that he doesn't really have any interest in doing any superhero movies, with the exception of one. But even he seems to think it isn't very likely.

"Have said before, only super hero I would love to make a film of would be Dr Manhattan... and trust me, it would not have a happy ending."

Dumb or not, a new Green Lantern movie is coming. It is understandable that much of the general public may have some hesitant feelings, given what happened with the Ryan Reynolds, Green Lantern movie in 2011. The new Green Lantern Corps. movie is being described as "Lethal Weapon in space" and Warner Bros. will surely be doing everything in their power to make sure they don't make the same mistakes.

There is no official release date set, though it was originally believed that the movie would land somewhere around 2020. The character is rumored to be making an appearance in Justice League later this year. There hasn't been an announcement in terms of casting, but Armie Hammer has been rumored for the part of Hal Jordan. We'll have to wait and see how Green Lantern Corps. shakes out, but it is a pretty safe bet the creative team will be sticking more closely to the source material and probably won't be using any of Duncan Jones' ideas. You can check out his Twitter rant in its entirety for yourself below.