When Warner Bros. announced their DC Comics movie slate last year, they scheduled a slew of titles up to the year 2020, which is when the Green Lantern reboot will hit theaters. This project is the only movie out of 10 announced in October that does not have a cast member attached yet, with many fans wondering if the reboot will focus on Hal Jordan or John Stewart. Though, they are just two of the several different Green Lanterns in the comics. As it turns out, fans could get both in the same movie, with Collider reporting that the studio may bring in Hal Jordan, John Stewart and another popular Green Lantern, Guy Gardner, as the leads of this reboot.

The report reveals the studio is taking a much different approach than the failed 2011 Green Lantern movie, where, instead of focusing on just one character, it will follow several different Green Lanterns, which could hint that the reboot is more about the Green Lantern Corps than any one individual character. For now, though, the initial reboot will reportedly focus on either two or all three of the aforementioned characters, and it's possible that the studio may confirm these plans at their Comic Con panel in just a few weeks.

Of course, many believe that the new Green Lantern will first be introduced in Justice League Part 1 or Justice League Part 2. This report claims that one of these Green Lantern characters will be introduced at the end of Justice League Part 1, where, after the assembled heroes defeat an Earth-based threat, Green Lantern warns them about an "intergalactic menace," most likely Darkseid, setting the table for Justice League Part 2. As for which Green Lantern will be part of the actual Justice League, it isn't clear which one will be a part of the team. What do you think about these rumored details?

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