If Doom Patrol star Diane Guerrero gets her way, the next DC role she'll get to play will be as the Jessica Cruz version of Green Lantern. Also known for her roles on Orange Is the New Black and Jane the Virgin, Guerrero has made a name for herself with DC fans by starring as Crazy Jane on the DC Universe series Doom Patrol. Recently tweeting from the official Doom Patrol Twitter account, Guerrero was directly asked which other DC character she might want to portray next.

"Jessica Cruz, Green Lantern! That's my next DC character, just to put it out there," Guerrero says in the tweet. It should be noted that Guerrero has previously voiced Jessica Cruz in the animated movie Justice League vs. the Fatal Five, which was released directly to home video last year. The movie was a hit with critics upon its release, scoring an impressive 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Apparently, Guerrero has also bonded with the character after voicing the superheroine in the animated movie and seems to have her heart set on being the first actress to portray a live-action version of Jessica.

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The Jessica Cruz Green Lantern first debuted in DC Comics in 2013. She joins the Green Lantern Corps. at the end of Justice League #50, and one memorable storyline with Darkseid sees her resurrected with even stronger abilities from her ring fragments when she is killed by Darkseid. The character has since branched out into other mediums in addition to the animated movie with Guerrero voicing Jessica. Myrna Velasco voices Jessica on the animated TV series DC Super Hero Girls, while Cristina Milizia voices the Lego version of the superheroine in various animated Lego movies. Additionally, the Jessica Cruz Green Lantern is playable in multiple video games.

Guerrero's dreams of playing a live-action Jessica Cruz are not so far-fetched, as a Green Lantern series is currently in the works at HBO Max from producers Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns. The series will reportedly "span several decades" and feature multiple Green Lanterns, opening the door for Jessica Cruz to appear in the show. Full details on the show's plot remain unclear, if but in fact Jessica will be a part of the series' storylines, then maybe it will help for the producers to know that a fan favorite actress already appreciated by DC fans has already volunteered to play the part.

Time will tell if Diane Guerrero becomes Green Lantern, but for now, fans can still catch her as Crazy Jane on Doom Patrol. Developed by Jeremy Carver, the hit series also stars April Bowlby, Alan Tudyk, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, Timothy Dalton, and Joivan Wade. You can watch the series on DC Universe and on HBO Max. As of now, the series is currently in the midst of its second season. Based on the strong ratings and popularity with fans, chances are good the series will be renewed for a third season -- or at least that's what most of us are hoping for. This news comes to us from Doom Patrol on Twitter.