Another toy photo has been released for the upcoming superhero adventure Green Lantern, which will hit theaters nationwide on June 17. Click on this new image below for your first look at Nautkeloi, the Green Lantern on the planet Aeros.

Green Lantern Nautkeloi Toy Photo

According to The Green Lantern Wikia: Nautkeloi is the water breathing Green Lantern from the planet Aeros. Although he was in the Corps for many years, very little is known of the Green Lantern of Aeros. He first met Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) during a Green Lantern conference on the planet Yquem. The Green Lanterns defeated Sinestro (Mark Strong) who had attempted to infiltrate them. The Green Lantern of Aeros served during the Oan/Qwardian Power War, and the Crisis on Infinte Earths.

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It isn't clear what role Nautkeloi will play in Martin Campbell's Green Lantern.