The cavalcade of superhero madness continues with an all new pic from director Martin Campbell's upcoming DC Comics adaptation Green Lantern. It is the first effort Warner Bros. has put into pushing the film since Blake Lively's publicist came out last week calling the film a disastrous mess.

While none of that has been confirmed, and won't be until the movie's actual release (a similar thing happened with The Green Hornet, and it actually proved to be a critical success), the look of the upcoming cosmic adventure continues to impress. Here we see Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordon and Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond having a meeting of the minds, while Tim Robbins's Senator Hammond looks on in the background. Check out this new pic below:

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Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond and Ryan Reynolds as Hal JordanWe asked {53} how faithful he feels he needs to be to the source material. Yeah, I think the source material in itself is gold dust, so it's not difficult to want to be true to it. I've acquainted myself with it because growing up in England we didn't really have Marvel and DC and I didn't know what Green Lantern was when this project came up. I decided to have a look at it and I've kind of got quite into it, especially {54}'s stuff. I've had a dip into earlier incarnations but I don't find that particularly useful. It's interesting to know where it comes from, but I think I've been concentrating on the visualization of the recent stuff, said {55}. I go there to see where it all comes from, and it's sort of interesting to know that Hector, the way that Hector is portrayed in the film is slightly different than the way Hector is portrayed in the comic, not what happens to him. So it's good to know that and know why the differences have been chosen if they exist because it makes it more interesting.