Bleeding Cool received a brand new photo of Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond in the upcoming DC Comics adaptation Green Lantern, which will be released in theaters nationwide on July 17. The photo comes from a new issue of the Green Lantern comic book series, and you can take a look at Hector Hammond below:

Peter Sarsgaard as Hecktor HammondFinally, {83} discussed working with both {84} and {85} on the film and what it was like creating the relationships between their characters together. {86}'s just a chemistry thing. Lot's of people came in and chemistry is not something you can manufacture. It's there or it's not and we had this great kind of push-pull kind of thing that really worked for the movie. That's something you need for Carol and Hal, said {87}.

You can also CLICK HERE to view the first look at the villain Parallax in Green Lantern as well, which we posted earlier today.

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