Warner Bros. has debuted three new photos from Green Lantern, which arrives in theaters nationwide on June 17. Click on these photos below, which feature Ryan Reynolds and Tomar-Re (who is voiced by Geoffrey Rush), to access our growing gallery.

Green Lantern
Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern and Geoffrey Rush as Tomar-ReThere was also a really awesome diagram that looked like the coolest action figure toy set you could ever imagine, basically a fan-boy's wet-dream with dozens of figures representing the different members of the Cops. It's basically the scene that starts off the latest trailer for the film where Sinestro is addressing the Corps on Oa. Finally, we were given a special treat, {20} brought out the ring and the actual Lantern that is used in the film. We had a chance to not only try on the ring, but also perform the oath with the Lantern. Next, we were escorted into a screening room and had a chance to watch some scenes and visual effects previz from the film. The first of the two scenes featured Hal getting chewed out by his boss, Carol's dad, and then speaking with Carol. The second scene involved Amanda Waller introducing Hector Hammond to the body of Abin Sur and we got our first glimpse at the madness to come from Hammond. The previz scenes were really cool and included Tomar-Re talking to Hal with a temporary voice over lifted from {21} performance in The Mask of Zorro, which was directed by Martin Campbell. The other great previz scene featured the Lanterns teaching Hal to fly and just as they soar away he begins to fall and then at the last second catches himself and triumphantly joins them in the air.
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Ryan Reynolds stars as the Green LanternCampbell continued to talk about the scope of the film and how he planned ground the story's intangible elements with the character's emotional arcs. You just do a lot of work on the characters no matter how big the scope, no matter how fantastic the story. I just think you've got to keep them based in reality. That's what you have to do. The characters will end up in their relationships and where their character arcs go, all of them, no matter how big the scope, that is always an intimate story anyway. The development of their characters, I find that fascinating actually, he said. It's not the scope. The scope we can create, but it's the characters and trying to get the relationship between Carol and Hal, for example, where that starts and where that finishes. Meeting Sinestro and his family, for example, all of that is just keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground I think and just basing it in very real terms.