Ryan Reynolds has shared the secret 'Reynolds Cut' of Green Lantern. The actor debuted the short and humorous video on social media earlier this morning after debunking rumors that he's going to be in Black Adam alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Rumors started to spread over the weekend that Ryan Reynolds was going to be playing Hawkman in the long-awaited movie, but it sadly is not true. However, the actor did jokingly admit that he would love to be in Zack Snyder's Justice League, noting that he's "heard" he may already be in it.

Ryan Reynolds took to social media to announce the Reynolds cut of Green Lantern. "Here's the secret Reynolds Cut of GL you all haven't been waiting for," he said. "In order to make it as great as possible we made some judicious cuts." By "cuts," Reynolds means the whole movie, as his "cut" is just under 30 seconds long. Plus, not all of the footage is from the actual release, with some coming from Deadpool 2 and Justice League. There's even a spot where Tom Cruise flies in as the real hero.

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Obviously, Ryan Reynolds is joking about his "secret" cut of Green Lantern. The original movie, which was released in 2011, was not the hit Warner Bros. was hoping for. The movie has been trashed for nearly a decade by fans, but a lot of this smack talk has come from Reynolds himself. Reynolds shows no signs of stopping this self-bashing, much like his "feud" with Hugh Jackman.

In other Green Lantern news, A Green Lantern Corps movie is currently in development at Warner Bros., though the full details on the project are being kept under wraps. The movie will be based on Geoff Johns' work on the New 52 Green Lantern comics, with both Hal Jordan and John Stewart set to appear in the movie. In addition, HBO Max has announced that a Green Lantern TV show is being developed by Greg Berlanti. Those details are also currently under wraps.

As for Ryan Reynolds, Marvel fans are hoping that he'll dress up as the Merc with a Mouth again for Deadpool 3. Since Disney took over Fox, there has been some doubts about the long-awaited sequel ever coming out, but the actor and the studio appear to be working behind-the-scenes to figure out how to bring the R-rated comic book character into the MCU. While we wait for news on Deadpool 3 and the Green Lantern franchise, you can check out the Reynolds cut of the 2011 movie above, thanks to Ryan Reynolds' Twitter account. It might very well be better than the original cut.