/green-lantern-viral-websites-discovered/Earlier this month, we reported three viral websites from Green Lantern have surfaced, one of which being the blog of Angela Bassett's character, Dr. Amanda Waller. The blog was updated last week, which features the character answering "fan questions," and seems to hint that Swamp Thing, Adam Strange, and Gotham City may be featured in Green Lantern. Take a look at the blog post below in its entirety.

"Okay, kiddies, let's get down to it. As always, the opinions and statements made here are my own and are not necessarily the same as my employers, my government, or your grandma.

Let's get to some recent posts.

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Abigail, from Houma - my squad of investigators have looked into your reports of a swamp monster down in Louisiana near our own HQ at Belle Reve. The photos you sent from your cellphone were interesting but the squad turned up nothing. Lots of stories but no hard facts. In this case, a lot of smoke doesn't mean there was ever any fire. Smoke is sometimes just swamp gas. Sorry.

Terry13 from Gotham - you keep abusing your fellow correspondents that way and I will ban you. You use that language once with me and you are gone. Are we clear? And, no, I do not need to hire you for my squad. You don't play well with others and I am all the skeptic this team needs, thank you.

Gbecht, from crazytown - no, I do NOT think the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan was caused by aliens. I think it was caused by two tectonic plates grinding up against one another along a fault line. I don't think God did it either. Not any God I would worship. Where do you get this stuff anyway?

You write me every time something like this happens, like New Zealand and Haiti, and then tell me, "Prove me wrong." Let me explain to you how this works: you don't make things up out of your head and then challenge me to prove it and, when I can't because it's all inside your tiny brain, tell me that's proof. No no no. Bring me tangible proof and we'll talk. Maybe.

I love your conspiracies, though; some of the funniest writing I've seen. I may make a book out of them. Keep them coming. I really enjoy the ones that include me in them.

Astrange, from 'around' - Teleportation instantly to another planet? Interesting concept. Sounds like something out of Edgar Rice Burroughs though. Can you bring me back anything from this planet to back up your story? Or can you send us the co-ordinates of Rann? I could ask my friends at Spitzer to look at that quadrant and maybe they'll see something.

Friends of the Newton Astronomers Guild - evidence is golden, and just a few observations won't cut it with the big boys at NASA. I need more proof before I put my credibility on the line.

That's all for now, boys and girls. I have to get back to my REAL job. You know - the one they actually PAY me to do? Keep writing; I'm still listening.


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