A Comic Book Movie scooper has sent along the first photo of Abin Sur from Green Lantern, as well as a description of the upcoming trailer. Sources confirm this Abin Sur picture is from the set of the movie, so take a look at the photo below:

Abin Sur Photo

Here's the excerpt from Comic Book Movie's trailer description, along with some clarification from a user named "MrDCU." Be warned, if you want to wait until November 19 to see this trailer in theaters with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1, then read no further. If you just can't wait that long, read the trailer description below:

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"They show Abin Sur crashing, then you see Hal Jordan standing over Abin, they made him look a little different than what we've seen in the comics and movies, instead of a mostly human shaped face, he seems to have these (for lack of a better description) what looks like curved horns pointing down from his jaw line. They're not horns but the best way I can describe it (MrDCU: What he is referring to is the almost elastic looking way Abin's Skin is if you have seen the ComicCon pictures you know what I mean). Then they show him with the ring. There's a scene with Hal and Carol in the locker room going back and forth a bit, Hal makes a comment about her helping him with his pants. There's a scene with him talking to Tom about him not having fear and his friend gives him a look and he goes "yeah I know". Another scene where Tom's sitting on a couch and Hal goes "Check this out" and he instantly changes into his costume. Tom goes "That's cool" Hal: "I know" Tom: "What do we do now?" Hal shrugging: "Go fight some bad guys". A scene where Hal makes a huge fist construct to right hook a bunch of bad guys. The construct looks solid with what seems like mist coming off of it, don't know if they're trying for an excess energy look..., There's also a scene where he's taken up to what looks like a ring in space that shoots him into hyperspace to Oa. It was a quick long shot of it, but that may be the way they are explaning what Abin Sur crashed in. They show Oa briefly. There's a shot of Hector looking normal, then there's also a quick shot of Hector with a bigger head.

MrDCU: I will explain some of the bits where the guy doesn't make sense. Abin Sur doesn't crash because of the hyperspace ring, he crashes because a Parallax possessed Krona attacks him when he is carrying the body of a dead Lantern (Sector 2015) to their home planet, which causes him to crash to Earth. Hal goes into hyperspace because of a fail safe in the rings where when he flies for the first time, he is automaically sent into hyperspace and to Oa for training."