Donald De Line, producer behind Green Lantern, gave fans an idea of what to expect in terms of tone and content from the next live-action superhero film to come from Warner Bros. De Line was promoting I Love You, Man when the folks at Collider snuck a few Green Lantern questions in on him.

De Line confirmed that the film would feature the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern, and also said that the film would be an action/adventure piece with a good deal of character based humor. He also said that it isn't "dark", and said that the tone will probably be similar to that of Marvel's recent Iron Man. This news will undoubtedly be a comfort to fans who worried that Warner Brothers was going to put a The Dark Knight-style veil of darkness over all of their future superhero films.

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It was also confirmed that Martin Campbell would direct the film, and he said that they had a production designer and a costume designer on the film already, as well as a date on the release calendar. De Line went on to say that they were going to Australia to scout in the next week.

Finally, and perhaps most significantly, De Line suggested that with Green Lantern, Warner Bros. may be taking a page out of Marvel's book and integrating their films, similar to how this past summer's The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man tied together, loosely. De Line specifically said "I haven't gone there because I'm just doing Green Lantern, but DC Comic is a part of Warner Bros. and they both have a very large agenda with that. So I think they've got all kinds of things in the works. Yeah, definitely."

Overall, the news out of the interview should make fans eager to see Green Lantern. If you want to read the whole interview with De Line CLICK HERE