Stars Scott Adkins and Joey Ansah explain their gritty and grounded approach to the fight sequences in our exclusive preview for Green Street Hooligans: Underground, arriving on DVD February 24 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. This sequel is the third in the Green Street franchise, following 2005's Green Street Hooligans and 2009's Green Street Hooligans 2. This featurette takes fans behind-the-scenes, showcasing several different fight sequences, while Scott Adkins explains that he tried to make his scenes not as "flashy" as in previous movies.

Once the leader of the Green Street Elite - the top hooligan football firm - Danny (Scott Adkins) has turned his back on the lifestyle, and the trouble that comes with it. When he gets a call that his younger brother has died in a fight against another firm, Danny returns to London to find the people responsible for his death. The cast is rounded out by Joey Ansah, who also serves as the fight choreographer, Kacey Barnfield, Jack Doolan, Josh Meyers, Mark Wingett, Roberta Taylor and Spencer Wilding.

This featurette is just a small part of the behind-the-scenes featurette with cast and crew interviews that you can find on the DVD when it arrives next week. Take a look at our exclusive preview before picking up Green Street Hooligans: Underground on February 24.

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