STX Films has revealed the first trailer for Greenland. The upcoming disaster flick stars Gerard Butler in the once-semi-popular sub-genre of "asteroids striking the Earth" movies. 1998 famously brought both Deep Impact and Armageddon our way. Butler is re-teaming with director Ric Roman Waugh, as the two recently collaborated on Angel Has Fallen. Based on this first trailer, it looks like we're in for something action-packed yet a little different from Butler.

The trailer opens up with the image of a happy family. Gerard Butler has a beautiful home in an upper-middle-class neighborhood and cares for his wife and son. The people of Earth are collectively fixated on a comet that is passing by our planet, with supposedly small chunks expected to impact without harm. That proves to be untrue as these fragments are extremely deadly and are set to cause mass devastation in a matter of days. A bunker in Greenland is said to provide solace, which leads to mass chaos. Butler is right in the middle of it, determined to save his family.

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Gerard Butler is no stranger to action movies. He's not even a stranger to disaster movies cut from a similar cloth, as he starred in the critically/financially disastrous Geostorm as well. But this looks to be a departure from the majority of the action flicks we've seen Butler star in over the years. It is also a good sign that he and Ric Roman Waugh seem to be clicking creatively. They are already at work on the next movie, Kandahar, which is in pre-production. That would seem to bode well for this effort. The cast also includes Morena Baccarin, Roger Dale Floyd, Scott Glenn, David Denman, Hope Davis, Andrew Bachelor, Joshua Mikel

Greenland centers on a family that is fighting for survival as a planet-killing comet races to Earth. John Garrity (Gerard Butler), his estranged wife Allison (Morena Baccarin) and young son Nathan must make a difficult journey to their only hope for safety from the destruction. Amid news accounts of cities around the world being leveled by fragments of the comet, the family sees the best and worst that humanity has to offer. As the countdown to global apocalypse speeds along, they must attempt a last-ditch effort to make a flight that will bring them to their only hope for safety.

Disaster movies such as this have been a big roll of the dice in recent years. Hits like San Andreas aren't the norm. And one has to wonder, given the current situation the world finds itself in, if this is the kind of movie that will offer people comfort, or if it's the kind of thing they will avoid.

This will also be coming out roughly a month after movie theaters reopen, and it remains to be seen how busy, or not busy, they will be. Greenland is set to hit theaters on August 14 from STX Films. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

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