Writer-producer Greg Berlanti has signed a new deal with Warner Bros. Television, after a five-year stint at ABC Studios, which will bring his numerous movie and TV projects together under one roof.

Greg Berlanti was nearly three years into his five-year deal at ABC Studios, before they allowed him to leave and return to Warner TV. Greg Berlanti had previously worked at Warner Bros. Television for four years before joining ABC in 2006. During his stint at ABC, Greg Berlanti served as the executive producer on Brothers & Sisters, and also the showrunner during Season 1. He also created the shows Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone, and the current ABC series No Ordinary Family.

The move from ABC back to Warner Bros. was made to facilitate Greg Berlanti's TV duties and his growing movie slate, which is also housed at Warner Bros. Greg Berlanti co-wrote the screenplay for this summer's superhero adventure Green Lantern and he also turned in a script for The Flash recently. He is currently working on the treatment for Green Lantern 2. With the new deal, all of his future TV and movie projects will be under his newly-formed Berlanti Productions banner at Warner Bros.

The deal also allows Greg Berlanti to shop TV projects to any network, instead of just ABC. It is said that he is considering branching out into TV comedy after his experience directing the romantic comedy Life as We Know It.

It isn't clear what Greg Berlanti's move will mean for the future of No Ordinary Family, which will wrap up its first season in May. The series currently airs on Tuesday nights at 8 PM ET on ABC.