Paul director Greg Mottola will helm the pilot episode of More as the Story Develops for HBO.

Aaron Sorkin, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Social Network, wrote the pilot, which is set in the fast-paced environment of a growing cable news network. Jeff Daniels is in talks to star as news anchor Will McCallister. The show will also focus on McCallister's female executive producer and his staff.

This isn't the first time that Aaron Sorkin has created a behind-the-scenes series about a TV program. Sports Night, which ran from 1998 to 2000, took a look at a nightly sports news program, in the same vein of ESPN's SportsCenter. His 2006 creation, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, delved into the lives of actors and staff members on a late-night variety program, similar to Saturday Night Live.

No production schedule was revealed for the More as the Story Develops pilot. Greg Mottola also directed the features Adventureland and Superbad, along with episodes of Arrested Development and Undeclared.