Everwood alum Gregory Smith has signed on for three movie roles: he has joined the cast of Dream House, the Daniel Craig-Naomi Watts thriller that Jim Sheridan is directing for Morgan Creek. Smith also will star in Canadian indie Whirligig and then segue to Conception, an indie that will film in Los Angeles, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In Dream House -- a psychological thriller about a man (Craig) who moves his family into what appears to be the perfect home but turns out to be the scene of the murder of a mother and her two children -- Smith plays a punk rocker obsessed with the case. The movie is shooting in Toronto and will be distributed by Universal.

Whirligig, directed by Chaz Thorne and shooting in Halifax, Canada, sees Smith as a young man who hits rock bottom and returns home to live with his parents. He find comfort with his married neighbor, and when he befriends the woman's adopted 12-year old Vietnamese son, family secrets are revealed.

Conception, directed and written by Josh Stolberg, follows nine couples as they grapple with sex, love and pregnancy. Smith enters a relationship with a divorced woman (Julie Bowen) who has a child. Shooting is to begin this month.