For years now, we've been hearing word of a possible reboot of the Gremlins franchise, but Warner Bros. just can't seem to crack that particular nut. Or they just don't feel properly motivated to make the movie happen because plenty of filmmakers have pitched their ideas for Gremlins 3. One such filmmaker is Max Landis (Chronicle), (American Ultra) who actually has an awesome idea for a found footage version of Gremlins.

The prolific and outspoken screenwriter appeared last year on the Talkhouse podcast. Per Bloody Disgusting, somehow, Max Landis' pitch went largely unnoticed but it is really worth a look for those who want to see Gremlins 3 happen. The best part? He's actually pitching the idea to Gremlins director Joe Dante. The basic premise is that a kid gets a pair of Mogwai for Christmas one year. One nice and the other not quite as nice. As is usually the case with Mogwai, things start out on a pleasant note.

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"If you got a Gremlin for Christmas, you would be filming it all the time...For the first act of the movie it's like a cute, animal YouTube thing."

Max Landis does have a pretty solid reason for making Gremlins 3 as a found footage movie. What kid wouldn't be filming every second of the cute creatures? If you had Gizmo, wouldn't you? As one would expect, eventually, the Mogwai wind up getting wet, which leads to some chaos. What would a Gremlins movie be without a bunch of scary creatures running around wreaking havoc?

"The second act is, you know, eat after midnight, there's way more of them, is like a disaster movie, except for very funny and wacky as the Gremlins begin to be everywhere...the town spins out of control."

In his pitch, Max Landis clarifies that there would be references to Gremlins and Gremlins 2, as the kid would be researching the creatures online and discover some of the events from the first two movies. So this would take place in the same universe as the first two movies and not be a full-on reboot. As for the third act? His idea is pretty perfect.

"In the third act of the movie, the Gremlins get the camera."

Once the Gremlins get the camera, things go extra crazy and the perspective totally changes. Max Landis lays it all out very well in the video and it sounds like a total blast. So where does Gremlins 3 stand right now? Last we heard, original writer Chris Columbus has written a very dark script for the movie which he hopes will get made, but don't hold your breath. In the video, Max Landis says that when he pitched the idea, Warner Bros. indicated they had no plans on rebooting Gremlins anytime soon. For now, you can check out his full found footage pitch for Gremlins 3 for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott